Bringing our Maritime Heritage into the Future

Keziah Choi at the helm of  Rose of Sharon.

Keziah Choi at the helm of Rose of Sharon.

Ready About!

The Maritime Preservation Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based on the Port of Los Angeles.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for high-quality maritime education. We are training the next generation of shipwrights and mariners aboard elegant vintage watercraft.


Maritime Education

We strive to provide Cadets with the highest quality of instruction available, from licensed captains and mariners of all backgrounds.

"There is a demand in all maritime industries for skilled and knowledgeable seafarers. Our hands-on apprenticeship programs aboard traditional watercraft provide Cadets with the mentorship, training, and experience that they need to grow not just as craftsmen, but as people."
- Wayne Ettel, President


Developing Craftsmenship

Carpenter Garrett DeMirjian

The beginnings of the Maritime Preservation Trust

The future of the Maritime Preservation Trust